The Super Story behind Supertown


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Recently I had the absolute honour of being asked to conduct the world premiere of ‘Supertown the Musical‘, written by two very dear and very talented friends, James Sidgwick and Robert Sanders. They are on a journey to expand the super power of their super musical, and I wanted to share with you the story behind this amazing work. So below you will find my guide to writing a Sidgwick and Sanders musical, or better known as how NOT to write a musical, in 3 simple steps:

  1. Step one: Writing the Musical

A Long Distance Relationship

James and Rob decided early on to involve their other halfs (Claire and Sophie). This was a potential risk, as many of us know working with our other halves can be…tricky. To add to this, during the writing of Supertown, Rob was thousands of miles apart from his partner. I can only…

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Putting the Super in ‘Supertown’

We’ve heard that the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 is going to be SUPER!

Join the intrepid band of caped crusaders that is the Supertown team to follow our journey from zero to hero!

Over the next few months we are going to be fundraising, rehearsing, and above all spandex-dieting as we prepare for the Fringe – and it will all be documented on here.

If you’re going to the Fringe, come and check out this family-friendly, feel good musical at Space Venue 45 from Monday 17th August – Saturday 29th August 3:55pm. You’ll be sure to leave feeling SUPER!